Nutrillicious Rambutan!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: “Rambutan has a long history not only as a delicious and succulent fruit, but also as a traditional medicine.” Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum  L.) is a native to tropical regions,  such  as Indonesia, China, India, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand. The name for Rambutan fruit is derivedContinue reading “Nutrillicious Rambutan!”

Tips for Healthy Bones

By Nutrition Expert – Trupti Gurav,Mumbai Bones play many roles in the body providing structure, protecting organs, anchoring muscles and storing calcium. While it’s important to build strong and healthy bones during childhood and adolescence, you can take steps during adulthood to protect bone health, too. Why is bone health important? Your bones are continuouslyContinue reading “Tips for Healthy Bones”

Pu-erh Tea

By: Pallavi Vathiar. Practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Mumbai. Email: Pu-erh tea is said to boast a wide range of health benefits. Like green tea, black tea, and white tea, Pu-erh tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. However, Pu-erh tea is created according to a specialized process that involves a longerContinue reading “Pu-erh Tea”

Things to know before you start GM diet.

Nutrition Expert: Sana Saiyed, Practicing clinical dietitian and certified diabetes educator Email: The GM Diet, formally the General Motors Diet, is a seven-day diet plan that promises to help you lose an eyebrow in just one week.  The GM diet worked on the following guidelines which include: Low Calories It is basically a low-calorieContinue reading “Things to know before you start GM diet.”

Oregano: A wonder herb!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id- “It is not just a great pizza seasoning. Oregano is a medicinal herb and spice” Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is an herb prominent in the Mediterranean diet, and has been shown to possess several bioactive properties including anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. In traditional medicine, oreganoContinue reading “Oregano: A wonder herb!”

The Date of India_ Tamarind

By: Pallavi Vathiar. Practicing Clinical Nutritionist. Email: Tamarind is a hardwood tree known scientifically as Tamarindus indica. It’s native to Africa but also grows in India, Pakistan and many other tropical regions. The tree produces bean-like pods filled with seeds surrounded by a fibrous pulp. The pulp of the young fruit is green and sour.Continue reading “The Date of India_ Tamarind”

Chives: Uses and health benefits

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: Chives scientifically known as Allium schoenoprasum are bulbous hardy perennial plants of the genus Allium in the Liliaceae, or Lily family, cultivated for their onion or garlic -flavoured leaves and for their attractive and edible flower heads, rather than for their bulbs as with most otherContinue reading “Chives: Uses and health benefits”

Can weather change affect your body?

By-Meena Ganagani,Practicing Clinical Nutritionist,Mumbai. Changes in weather are basically challenges to our immune system and to our musculoskeletal system. Our bodies get used to a certain climate, and when those things change suddenly, our body has to try to adapt. Unfortunately, sometimes our bodies have a difficult time adjusting, which can trigger an illness. (1)Continue reading “Can weather change affect your body?”

Frozen Foods: Need of the hour!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: “Frozen food demand will continue beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic.” A consumer study, commissioned by the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), has found that the surge in demand for frozen food is due to returning buyers as well as first-time buyers (1). Freezing and frozen storage haveContinue reading “Frozen Foods: Need of the hour!”

Molasses: Surprising Health Benefits!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: Molasses is a by-product of sugar industry. It is a thick, dark brown syrup derived from raw sugar. Sugarcane is a good source of iron, containing around 0.7% of iron by weight in clarified sugarcane juice (1). Molasses is defined as the final viscous liquid leftContinue reading “Molasses: Surprising Health Benefits!”