Need of an hour- Immunity booster L-glutathione.

Nutrition Expert: Sana Saiyed , Practicing Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator, Mumbai Glutathione, called as the master antioxidant has a powerful effect on enhancing the immunity of the body. Glutathione also enhances the absorption of vitamin C, Vitamin E and CoQ-10.  Do you know that our body can produce its own antioxidant in theContinue reading “Need of an hour- Immunity booster L-glutathione.”


By: Pallavi Vathiar. Practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Mumbai Email: Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. It has a long history of use in traditional medicine. For hundreds of years, people have used the roots and orange-red fruit of ashwagandha for medicinal purposes. The herb isContinue reading “Ashwagandha”

Medicinal value of Guava!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: Guava is one of the most important fruit and it is considered as apple of the tropics. In India; its position is forth after mango, banana, and citrus so far as area and production of major fruits are considered. Guavas are considered excellent sources of antioxidantContinue reading “Medicinal value of Guava!”

Goodness of Mustard Greens!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: Mustard greens are part of the brassica family, also known as cruciferous vegetables. This leafy green is in the same family as kale, collards and cabbage. The greens are high in Vitamin A (skin and eyes), Vitamin K (bones), B1, B2, B6 (red blood cells, heart,Continue reading “Goodness of Mustard Greens!”

Mangosteen_ A Super Fruit

By: Pallavi Vathiar. Practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Mumbai. Email: Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical fruit said to offer a number of health benefits. Often touted for its antioxidant effects, mangosteen is sometimes referred to as a “superfruit.” The fruit tastes slightly sweet and tart. Mangosteen is available canned or fresh but is more commonlyContinue reading “Mangosteen_ A Super Fruit”

Isabgol husk (Psyllium)

By-Meena Ganagani,Practicing Clinical Nutritionist,Mumbai. What is Isabgol husk (Psyllium)? Isabgol husk (Psyllium), an indigenous natural dietary fiber, official in IP, BP and USP consisting of the epidermal and collapsed adjacent layers removed from the seeds of Plantago ovata Forsk. (P. ispaghula Roxb.), is particularly rich in alimentary fibres and mucilage. The husk mucilage is aContinue reading “Isabgol husk (Psyllium)”

Black Rice: Incredible Health Benefits!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: Rice is the staple food for most of the people in different countries. Black rice is one kind of rice that is getting more popular recently and is consumed as functional food due to the usefulness to health. Black rice is also known as purple rice,Continue reading “Black Rice: Incredible Health Benefits!”

Sarsaparilla Drink (Nannari Syrup)

By: Pallavi Vathiar. Practicing Clinical Nutritionist. Email: History For centuries, indigenous people around the world used the root of the sarsaparilla plant for treating joint problems like arthritis, and for healing skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. The root was also thought to cure leprosy due to its “blood-purifying” properties. Sarsaparilla was laterContinue reading “Sarsaparilla Drink (Nannari Syrup)”

Healthy Advantages Of Cumin ( Jeera)

Nutrition Expert- Saba Shaikh, Mumbai. Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L) is a leafy plant that grows low to the ground in China, India, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean region. The fruit of the plant is called the cumin seed, and it’s popular all over the world as a spice. Cumin has become the subject ofContinue reading “Healthy Advantages Of Cumin ( Jeera)”

Kale: A Nutritional Powerhouse!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email Id: “Kale has received a lot of attention in recent years for its powerhouse nutritional benefits, making kale one of the so-called Super Foods.” Kale, also known as borecole, is a vegetable with green and purple leaves, and can have a smooth or curly shape. Varieties ofContinue reading “Kale: A Nutritional Powerhouse!”