Nutrigenomics: All you need to know

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email Id: Nutrition and genetics both play an important role in human health as well as the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Nutrigenomics describes the scientific approach that integrates nutritional sciences and genomics and includes the application of other high-throughput ‘omics’Continue reading “Nutrigenomics: All you need to know”

Goodness of Goji Berry!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email Id: “Goji berries contain many nutrients and bioactive compounds which allowed to classify them as Super-Fruits.” Goji, also called wolfberry, has been used as traditional medicinal foods in China and other Asian countries for centuries. They are very hard, spiny, and shrubby vines in the tomato-nightshade familyContinue reading “Goodness of Goji Berry!”

Berberine_ A Supplement For Metabolic Conditions

By: Pallavi Vathiar. Practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Mumbai. Email: Berberine is a compound in several plants, including golden-seal, barberry, Oregon grape, and tree turmeric. Technically, it belongs to a class of compounds called alkaloids. It has a yellow color, and has often been used as a dye.  It has very impressive health benefits, and affectsContinue reading “Berberine_ A Supplement For Metabolic Conditions”

Wonders of no sugar diet

Nutrition Expert: Sana Saiyed, Practicing Clinical dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Mumbai Most of us have sweet tooth which is very satisfying for the stress but has negative effects on your over all health. Any sweet makes us comfortable during a stressful period, but it does affect the liver in a detrimental way. Excessive sugarContinue reading “Wonders of no sugar diet”

BMR and Weight Loss

By Nutrition Expert – Trupti Gurav,Mumbai Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the rate of energy expenditure per unit time by endothermic . The basal metabolic rate (BMR) and calorie calculator is an excellent tool for working out how many calories your body needs on a daily basis depending on the amount and intensity of your exercise regime. BMR isContinue reading “BMR and Weight Loss”

Marvelous Manila Tamarind!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email Id: Manila Tamarind is originated from Mexico, then went to America, Central Asia and then to India. Although, these trees have been seen all along the highways in India, no one knew about its culinary use. It resembles tamarind and is widely called as Manila Tamarind. ItContinue reading “Marvelous Manila Tamarind!”

The King Of Fruits_ Mangoes…!

By: Pallavi Vathiar. Practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Mumbai. Email: Mangos have yellow, green or reddish orange skin and a deep orange interior. The fruit, grown in tropical climates around the world, has been part of the human diet for more than 4,000 years, according to the National Mango Board. Mango juice contains vitamins and mineralsContinue reading “The King Of Fruits_ Mangoes…!”

Black wonder Blackberry!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: Blackberry (Rubus sp.) fruit contains high levels of anthocyanins and other phenolic compounds, mainly flavonols and ellagitannins, which contribute to its high antioxidant capacity and other biological activities. Epidemiological and clinical studies suggest that consumption of anthocyanins and other flavonoids found in most fruits and vegetablesContinue reading “Black wonder Blackberry!”

Benefits of Bay Leaves in Cooking

By-Meena Ganagani,Practicing Clinical Nutritionist,Mumbai. Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) is a perennial shrub belongs to the family laurel (Lauraceae). It has been cultivated throughout the European, tropical, subtropical, and Asian countries. It has been used for thousands of years for food flavoring, essential oil applications, and in traditional medicine. Mostly, it contains tannins, flavones, flavonoids, alkaloids,Continue reading “Benefits of Bay Leaves in Cooking”

Star Fruit: Boon to Mankind!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai. Email id: An ‘Oxalidaceae family’ member- Averrhoa carambola, well known as Star fruit, is an age old plant. Star fruit, is a star shaped tropical fruit with sweet and sour flavour. The Star fruit is about 2 to 6 inches in length. Major two distinct classes of Carambola,Continue reading “Star Fruit: Boon to Mankind!”