Nutrillicious Rambutan!

By: Nutrition Expert- Vidula Kozarekar, Mumbai.

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“Rambutan has a long history not only as a delicious and succulent fruit, but also as a traditional medicine.”

Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum  L.) is a native to tropical regions,  such  as Indonesia, China, India, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand. The name for Rambutan fruit is derived from the Malay-Indonesian word “rambut” which means hairy; this is the reason it is also named as hairy litchi.

Its fruit is an ovoid berry, yellow to orange-red, or bright-red to maroon in colour. It has the leathery skin. The flesh is juicy and translucent whitish, sweet to very mild sour in flavour.  The fruit core has an almond-line seed that is oblong. Rambutan rapidly loses their attractive appearance after harvest due to a superficial pericarp browning; water loss precedes browning occurrence (1), (2), (3).

Nutritional Value:

Rambutan is a good source of natural sugars, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and it is also a modest source of fibre, and contains several B vitamins. Its seeds are bitter and narcotic, while its fruits considered astringent, stomachic, vermifuge and febrifuge. The fruit of Rambutan is utilized for consumption, such as fresh fruit, canned fruit, juice, jellies, or jam (4).

Potential as a Super Fruit: (4)

  • It contains of antioxidant, antibacterial, antidiabetic, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-proliferative, bio sorbent, and anti-adipogenesis properties.
  • The most important traditional health benefits of Rambutan consist of decreasing unwanted fat, source of iron, its usage in skin and hair care, it is rich in vitamin C, it improves sperm quality, it has anti-cancer characteristics.
  • The obtained findings suggest potential of Rambutan as a super-fruit with incredible pharmaceutical advantages.

The most important health benefits of Rambutan: (4)

  • It has Positive influence on diabetes treatment
  • It can prevent weight gain
  • It improves heart health
  • It enhances bone health
  • It may help prevent cancer
  • It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • It boosts energy
  • It improves digestive health
  • It works as an aphrodisiac
  • It promotes scalp and hair health
  • It enhances skin health

Uses of Rambutan Fruit:

  • The fruit is better consumed raw and doesn’t have a very lengthy shelf-life, and also this can vary from a couple of days up to week.
  • If you would like to lengthen this life, put this fruit in a punctured bag and keep it within the fridge.
  • An exotic fruit salad, cocktails, smoothies, yogurts, deserts, jams, syrups, jellies, chutney, salsa and soup are amongst the ways to use this delicate little fruit.


Rambutan is a super-fruit which can promote good health as a modern medicine and treat diseases.


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