Carrot Seed Oil

By-Meena Ganagani,Practicing Clinical Nutritionist,Mumbai.

Carrot seed oil is a type of essential oil. It is extracted via steam distillation from the seeds of theDaucus carota plant. This flowering plant, known for its white blossoms and carrot-scented roots, is also called wild carrot and Queen Anne’s lace.

Carrot seed oil is sometimes confused with carrot oil, which is made from a mixture of crushed carrot roots immersed in a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil. Cold pressed carrot seed oil is cold pressed from the carrot seeds, and it is used in cosmetics for anti-aging properties in skin care.

Carrot seed essential oil has shown antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Like other essential oils, carrot seed oil isn’t meant to be ingested. In this way, it differs from carrot oil, which is often used for cooking. (1)

Carrot seed oil benefits

The main chemical constituents of Carrot Seed Essential Oil are Carotol, Daucene, beta-Bisabolene, and Daucol.

  • Used in aromatherapy applications, Carrot Seed Oil is known to have stimulant properties that enhance circulation as well as brain and nerve functions. It boosts energy levels and promotes alertness. By stimulating the release of digestive fluids and enzymes, hormones, and the muscular contractions of the intestines, it maintains the efficient movement of the digestive system and the metabolism.
  • When diffused, the warm, earthy, woody, and herbaceous yet mildly-sweet scent of Carrot Seed Oil has a soothing, refreshing, and grounding effect that is known to diminish feelings of fatigue, weakness, anxiety, and stress. It is known to boost the operation and efficacy of the digestive system as well as the respiratory system by strengthening mucous membranes to protect the body against parasites and viruses. (2)
  • Aromatherapy involves the inhalation of essential oils to improve your psychological or physical health and well-being. The oils can be inhaled directly, disbursed into the air with a diffuser, or applied to the skin.
  • According to the researchers, aromatherapy increased levels of arginine(which helps blood vessel relax and improve circulation) while decreasing alcohol, carbohydrates, and organic acids level compared to pre-treatment values.
  • Carrot seed oil has become a popular ingredient in many cosmetic and skincare products. Its rise in popularity is due to research suggesting that it has multiple properties beneficial to the skin. (3)



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