Eat wise, drop a size!

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Nutrition Expert: Sana Saiyed, Practicing Clinical Dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Mumbai.

Got Tummy, No need to worry, try to follow the below-given guidelines for making it leaner!! 

Follow them for 3 months and see the difference on your inch tape! 

1. Have 2 Mugs of green tea – once before 10am and other at 4-4:30 pm. (150-200ml water and 1 sachet Green tea)

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2. Vegetable juice (1 glass) OR 1 glass of Strawberry smoothies as a morning breakfast. 

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3. Fruits to be eaten are  Apple/ pear/ guava/ watermelon/ papaya/ kiwi/ sweet-lime/ Orange only 2 /day- before 6pm.

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4. Have 2 tsp of Apple cider vinegar in the entire day- One tsp with early morning fruits and one tsp post-dinner (dilute in 1 cup of water).

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5. Avoid drinking often, once in 15 days- Avoid having a beer, whisky, carbonated beverages.

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6. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, chawli leaves, Dil leaves twice a week.

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7. Drink  3  liters of water/ day excluding other fluids.

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8. Avoid eating Banana, sapota (chickoo), mango, custard apple, grapes and muskmelons as they are very high in simple carbs and starch.

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9. Eat salads 20 mins before lunch and dinner.

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10. Avoid eating deep fried foods like Samosa, kachori, chakli,chiwda,farsan, etc

11. Physical activity: Begin with 15-20 mins of brisk walking (for a week), increase 10 mins every week and reach up to 45-50 mins per day.

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