Tips for managing Non obstructive kidney stones.

Nutritions Expert: Sana Saiyed, practising Clinical Dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Mumbai.

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Kidney stones usually contain calcium oxalate crystals, but other types of stones are also common, such as struvite crystals and especially uric acid crystals . Prevention and early detection are important in the treatment of kidney stones. 

There are multiple causes for stone formation in the kidney and can affect any part of the urinary tract- from your kidney to the bladder. Often stones form when the urine is concentrated, allowing the minerals to crystallize and stick together.

Depending on your situation, you may need nothing more than to take pain medication and drink lots of water to pass a kidney stone. In other instances — for example, if stones become lodged in the urinary tract, are associated with a urinary infection or cause complications — surgery may be needed.

There are two superhero in the management here:

  1. Barley water
  2. Apple cider vinegar

Nutrition Management plays a specific role in renal stone management, if you just keep on popping medicine and adding up potassium and sodium to the kidney via food than the medicines are equivalent to Cleaning your car in a sandstorm.  

Tips to be followed in case of Non- obstructive stone.


  • Water:  Drinking 4 liters of water per day is an easy deal with the non obstructive kidney stones. One should have 2 liters of Barley water and 2 liters normal water. 
  • Having Apple cider vinegar post meals by diluting in water is recommended to remove the stones out of the body.  ACV is acidic in nature that helps to break down the hard tissues and flush out the harmful toxins to prevent its formation as kidney stones. It has citric acid that softens and dissolves the stones in your kidneys.
  • Caffeine is the real culprit, caffeine has the capacity to hold back calcium in the kidney which will contribute to the calcium content of the stone. Avoid drinking coffee in a greater amount, one cup/ day is allowed. 
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  • Avoid eating dry coconut, wet coconut , peanuts, cashews, groundnut seeds, as they are high in Potassium.   Avoid eating paneer, cheese, ghee, buffalo milk,tofu and soybean.
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  • Limit your intake of cooking oil to ½ liter per month per person. 
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  • All the greens are not bad for a kidney stone patient, except for Spinach as it high potassium value of 558 mg per 100 gram which is not suggested to a kidney stone patient.
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  • Avoid eating bakery products like white bread, butter, khari, toast,biscuits, cake, pastry.

Please note the above given tips are for educational purpose, in case of any further health complications please visit your health care provider.

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